I never forget when I was 8. My Mum started hairdressing in a hair & beauty Salon as an interest and hobby in her free time, but it had been a part of her life soon. As I was looking at her working among the ladies, and having a kind of excitement to go to Mum’s Salon after school, I could start to learn the courses in a hairdressing school with my Dad’s encouragement, as he was considering my interest in styling the girls’ and my 2 older sisters’ hairs, as well as my Mum’s recommendation to a friend. When I was 19, I have started working officially infamous Salons in Tehran, Iran. I was 25 when I could open a small beautiful Salon named Michelle, in one of the best northern regions in Tehran. It was done with the least facilities available those days, but after a while, it was very successful and famous for the best Highlights, Hair dyes and Cuts in the city.

However, having some weaknesses which were overlooked made me to close the Salon. This was not a failure for me, but it made me find my weaknesses, and start again. I did not stop working and after about 60 days I got up with more energy and went to Toni & Guy Salon in Tehran. After an interview and observing my work, I was accepted to start learning Toni & Guy technique and start working.

I came to the UK in 2013, and have lived in Beautiful London for 4 Years. Since then, I have continued hairdressing in Hair & Beauty Salon in Shepherd’s Bush. I have decided to move to the countryside, a city which I can be relaxed and spiritually connected, then to improve my career. After visiting different cities, Oxford was the one in which I found a live energy! I moved from London with all its beauty, and to go for my goal I came to Oxford. I had to take the risk of opening a salon in which I do all hairdressing works. It the beginning days I was feeling stressful or a kind of anxiety or worry, but it was temporary and disappeared quickly. The reasons were neighbours, local people and friends who have supported and still supporting me to move on. I feel confident again, and I thank God for everything…

I invite everyone with the best suitable prices on the list to get the best service. It is my pleasure to see you and be at your service in your salon.